Tonsillitis Testimonials


Jude Evans, Lincoln

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“I am currently bringing my 5 year old daughter, Katie to the clinic. She had a nasty case of Eczema on her legs and was suffering from regular recurring bouts of Tonsillitis. Her Eczema has completely gone and she has only had one reoccurrence of Tonsillitis in the past few months, which only lasted 24 hours. Her general health has improved; she is now dry at night and sleeps much better than she did. As well as the Acupuncture, I have been shown massage techniques to use on Katie each night, and have been advised on her diet.
Katie loves going to the clinic; all the staff are brilliant with her. She tends to giggle her way through her treatments. For us, Acupuncture has worked 100% and I would certainly recommend Sean’s team to anyone.”