Pain Testimonials

Pain Testimonials

Paul  Cartledge

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Over the years, I have tried many treatments for my neck injury and general stress levels and I can honestly say, Acupuncture with Sarah at the Sean Barkes Clinic has provided the best results for me.

I was a sceptic but now have experienced it for myself and would strongly recommend trying this treatment to anyone.

Graham Cooper

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I had acupuncture and cupping on my knees by Sarah and found it really helped. Sarah is really good at what she does and really helpful and puts you at ease.

Sandra Bird

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Three years ago I noticed that if I had been sitting for any length of time (which I did at my place of work) I would get a pain deep in my right hip.  That pain got steadily worse and so I visited my GP who prescribed some strong painkillers.  The painkillers made me feel light-headed but did nothing to help with the pain, which was now so bad that I could not sleep.

I was also having a lot of problems with movement.  There was no flexibility in my hip at all so I could not easily move from standing to sitting and if I did manage to sit I could not get back up again.  In addition it was extremely difficult to dress myself – try putting your knickers on without bending!  I went back to my GP who sent me to the hospital for some x-rays and to a physiotherapist for some ultrasound treatment.

The ultrasound treatment helped to reduce the pain slightly but I still did not have full movement.  In the meantime my x-rays were sent to my GP who told me that there were some abnormalities in the hip joint and he referred me to an Orthopaedic Specialist.

Another round of x-rays and the Specialist told me that I had osteoarthritis and that it was so bad that I would be having a hip replacement “within two years”.  He told me to go back to my GP to get some anti-inflammatory drugs and to make an appointment to see him at the hospital in a further six months.

Against my better judgement I did take two of the anti-inflammatory tablets that the GP gave me and in the two days that I was incapacitated by their side-effects I decided that there had to be a better way.

Since then I have been having acupuncture and the difference it has made to me has been incredible.  In addition to the acupuncture treatment I have adjusted my diet and I practice Chinese therapeutic exercise – Qigong and T’ai Chi.  I have much more flexibility and movement in my hip and only very minor discomfort occasionally.  When I do get discomfort I can usually link it to having eaten the “wrong” foods.  The acupuncture is not without “side-effects”.  My general health has improved no end and at a recent visit to the Optician I was told that my sight has “got better” for the first time in the twenty-two years that I have been wearing glasses.

I have revisited the Orthopaedic Specialist a number of times since he told me that I would need a hip replacement and at my most recent visit (just a few weeks ago) he said that I no longer need to see him.  What else can I say?

John Powell

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Having suffered a lot of pain over a number of years and had tried everything from Physio to Heat Treatment to Reflexology. And none of these worked, I saw a documentary on acupuncture on the television, and decided to try it, even though I have always had a dread of needles.

I made an appointment to see the acupuncturist and had my first treatment on the 25th January 2006. I said earlier that I had a dread of needles, however, when they were first inserted I didn’t feel anything.  The acupuncturist started to ease the needles further in until the needle reached the Qi (pronounced ‘Chee’) When the needle reached the Qi I felt a slight sensation and said “Yes”. Again, no pain.  When the acupuncturist had applied all the required amount of needles (14 in all) he then attached a capsule to the needles and put a flame to them.  They started to simmer and sent a comfortable heat down the needle to the Qi.  When they had finished he just took the capsules off and removed the needles. Again, no pain.

The following day I felt I’d had some relief.  Going on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the most pain) I felt that I’d come down to about 8.5.

My second treatment was on Friday 27th January 2006.  The same procedure was followed.  After this treatment I felt my pain had got to level 7.  My 3rd and 4th treatment were on the 2nd and 16th of February.  By the 4th treatment the pain level was down to 2.  My next and perhaps last treatment is on the 2nd March, after this one I hope the pain scale will be down to zero.

There is a saying that goes. ‘There is no gain without pain’ I’d say that after acupuncture ‘There is no pain but plenty of gain!’

Mark Driffill

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After a root canal procedure at the dentist, I began to experience pain in the left side of my face, radiating to my left temple and through my eye. I had Xrays at the hospital, and a consultation with the Maxillo-facial specialist, who proceeded to remove the tooth, as the filling was projecting into the bone of my upper jaw.

The pain did not subside, and over a period of some months increased to a point where Ibuprofen was no longer sufficient pain relief, and a constant nagging pain persisted.

Due to the Dr. telling me that there was nothing else that could be done…I needed to seek help from elsewhere. At my partner’s suggestion I sought a consultation with an acupuncturist…I knew nothing about acupuncture save that it involved needles.

My first consultation involved a lengthy history taking of sometimes apparently unrelated personal matters, and an initial treatment. I was put at ease from the start, and whilst remaining sceptical, and a little apprehensive, I had come to ‘lose the pain’. I rested for the required time in a treatment room, full of needles which I hardly felt after they had hit the spot on insertion. The pain in my face and headache were much improved by the time I reached home, but I did have a pain in my foot!

Subsequent visits have enabled me to reduce the amount of Ibuprofen, to at times less than half the (maximum) dose that I had been taking.

I am still not free of the pain completely, but my sleep and personal life are already feeling the benefit, and the treatment sessions are getting further apart.

Margaret Jackson

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Testimonial One

For 4 months I had suffered with severe pins and needles in my left arm and pain in my neck and shoulder. After numerous visits to my GP, who gave me stronger and stronger painkillers which made me feel spaced out and not interested in life, I thought there must be something more I could do.

One day, on the way back from another visit to my GP, with more painkillers, I noticed a sign for [The Sean Barkes Clinic]. I rang for an appointment and went with an open mind not knowing what to expect, but with nothing to lose.

My first impression was the friendly, relaxed atmosphere and although I felt very nervous and lacking in self-confidence, Sean soon made me feel relaxed, and explained my treatment.

After having numerous, painless, acupuncture needles in specific places in my arm and shoulder and also my feet, I was left for 20 minutes. The music and the atmosphere soon made me feel relaxed.

The pain didn’t go immediately but after 2 or 3 days the pins and needles disappeared and the pain was 60% better. After a few more acupuncture sessions the pain disappeared and I no longer need any painkillers.

I don’t know how it works, but I have my self-confidence and my life back thanks to Sean.

Testimonial Two

Last year I started suffering cramps in my left leg while walking. I visited my GP who took some blood to test. All the results were OK except my cholesterol was quite high at 6.9. It was suggested I went on a diet, but no diet given, and to join a gym. As I am retired I knew the gym was not for me. I went on what I thought was a healthy diet, lots of fruit and veg, porridge for breakfast, spreads and yoghurts “proved to lower cholesterol”. On this diet I suffered chronic indigestion and diarrhoea. After 3 months I had another cholesterol check and to my dismay the result was up to 7. My GP suggested I take tablets which would reduce my cholesterol but I would have to take these for the rest of my life. I thought there must be an alternative, so made an appointment and went to see Sean. He felt my pulse in both arms, looked at my tongue and asked lots of questions. He asked me to fill in a diet sheet of everything I ate in a week. After a session of acupuncture I felt positive this would work for me. At my next appointment Sean looked at my “healthy” diet and crossed out 50% and gave me a diet sheet especially for me, lots of rice, chicken, fish, beans and pulses, no raw veg or citrus fruit but cooked root veg. He also gave me some herbs which I took religiously. I also went to Sean’s Qigong lessons and practised most days. The indigestion went and the diarrhoea cleared. I had another cholesterol test result of 5 – brilliant! I occasionally have a bit of steak but now I eat to live not live to eat.


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I have been having acupuncture since the end of August at The Sean Barkes Clinic [Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine], 41 Moor Lane, North Hykeham, Lincoln. Being terrified of injections of any sort, I was wary of going but having achieved some improvement with the spasmodic torticolis through botox injections, I wanted to know if there was anything else that could be done. I had checked with my doctors before booking my first appointment, but I was still a bit nervous. My doctors were very supportive and I have stopped having botox injections as I have made such good progress with acupuncture.

As acupuncture treats the whole person, not only is my neck straighter and I now have more movement, I feel much better in myself. My husband keeps commenting on the improvement in my general well-being as well as my neck. I have overcome my fear of needles and as well as acupuncture I have had other Chinese therapies: cupping and gua sha, both specifically on my neck, and both appear to be effective.

I went not expecting a miracle cure. I still don’t have full movement but I have achieved a great improvement in my neck. It has also improved other medical conditions that I have suffered from, and I now enjoy it.

Diane Duell

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I have experienced the benefits of acupuncture for 13 years and have realised that to maintain a balanced state of well being is not only to attend when sensitivities occur but to go for regular “MOT’s”.

My introduction to acupuncture was as a result of persistent chronic back pain, sciatica, insomnia and general unwellness. This had been ongoing despite help from other areas. Acupuncture not only obliterated the pain but instilled a peace I hadn’t felt for long enough. I was able to relax comfortably and natural sleep followed. Over the years Sean and his colleagues have succeeded in helping me manage this condition giving me more confidence.

The most dramatic changes were appreciated when I asked Sean for help to rid me of a demon menopause as I didn’t wish to go down the HRT road. I was experiencing violent hot flushes day and night, joint pains and mood changes. Due to the night sweats insomnia was starting to affect the day’s activities resulting in the mood swings. With a mixture of acupuncture and Chinese herbs over a period of a few months the symptoms gradually eased. To date, the joints pains have gone, sleepy nights are more common and the hot flushes for the most part are a distant memory.

Learning to stand still and having a more realistic approach to my life has also contributed to this change as well as joining Sean’s Tai Chi classes.

My attitude is more positive again and life is good.

Janet Watson

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After being run over by a drunk driver at 15 years old, [causing me to suffer a] fractured skull, be unconscious for a week, be paralysed from the neck down and take four years to learn to walk again it was like having a second chance at life. Sadly this didn’t last, and I was rammed up the back end in my car twice by tailgaters and hospitalised, rammed off the road once by someone who came out of a side road and didn’t stop so I was hospitalised again, and my poor bones were giving me constant pain. At 50 years old I was struck down by arthritis, a faulty knee and hip in the same leg and constantly in a wheelchair – I could hardly walk. My GP just kept putting me on more and more tablets (20 per day), 3 inhalers for my Asthma, and had basically written me off. He couldn’t do any more for me, and nor could the consultants at the hospital. I became so intolerant of my condition and just couldn’t accept that this was all I had for the rest of my life. One day I’d been shopping and so in so much pain on the way home, instead of driving past the Acupuncture clinic I stopped and went in to ask for help! The results in me were unbelievable. Sean gave me my life back. No more pain, no more stuck in a wheelchair being a prisoner in my own home. My new found freedom and mobility has allowed me to do voluntary work for people who have their own problems; I’m actually putting something back into the community without reward which gives me an immense feeling of achievement and self-satisfaction. Sean hasn’t just turned the clock back 25 years for me; in turn his wonderful expertise is also helping other people through my efforts. Don’t ever give up or give in, just go to see Sean. He really does make dreams come true. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Shirley White

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I visited Vimala after suffering from a stiff neck for about 6 months. I could not move my head without a lot of pain. After visiting Vimala for 5 or 6 treatments, some days I was without pain and could move my head. By the time my treatment had finished I was back to normal, promising to go back if the pain returned. The staff were friendly. They made me relax just by chatting to me. It was the best thing I have ever done – a very big thank-you.

Kathleen “Biddy” Minnitt

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I am disabled having an inherited neurological problem, Charcot, Marie, Tooth Syndrome (CMT) which is a form of Muscular Dystrophy.  Earlier this year, I suffered a very severe bout of Sciatica and in spite of medication I couldn’t sleep, eat, walk, or sit comfortably and was wheelchair bound.

My daughter suggest that I try acupuncture.

After a 3 week course at The Sean Barkes Clinic the pain had almost gone and after a further 2 weeks, I was able to enjoy life again.

All members of staff were so kind and caring and I have continued with some treatment as I’m sure it is helping my CMT aches and pains.

Kathleen (Biddy) Minnitt.


I had a persistent pain in my elbow for some months which had not responded to other forms of treatment, so I decided to try Acupuncture at the Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After two sessions…the problem disappeared. This was some months ago and the problem has not re-appeared. I also attend weekly Chi Gung sessions run by the clinic and I am sure this has been helpful in preventing a re-occurrence of this problem. The Chi Gung has also had a very beneficial and relaxing effect on me since I took it up about 8 months ago.

Jean Douglass

I had been suffering from a painful bout of sciatica and, having tried physiotherapy without success, decided to contact the Sean Barkes Clinic for treatment by acupuncture.

There was a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the Clinic and my acupuncturist, Sarah, discussed my symptoms and my medical details before giving me treatment. I felt 80% better after only one treatment and after a total of four sessions couldn’t believe the difference. Not only had the sciatica virtually gone, but I felt so much better in myself generally. I would recommend the Sean Barkes Clinic to everyone who is suffering pain or discomfort in any way.

Pat Mabbott

I have been having problems with pains, tingling and weakness in my legs for the past 16 years. I have struggled to get a proper diagnosis but last November I was told that I probably had Fibromyalgia. After reading an article I decided to try acupuncture. I must admit that I was very apprehensive and sceptical about this but, with the encouragement and support of Jan and the staff, I persevered and WOW! What a result. I responded within a matter of a few weeks and, for the first time in 16 years, I am now pain free, am sleeping better and have so much more energy. I can’t believe how well I now feel. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about acupuncture to give it a try and you never know you may be surprised at the outcome.