Migraine Testimonials

Migraine Testimonials

Michael Lawrence 

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Having lived with Migraine for nearly fifty years one tends to accept the situation.  In my case I always consider that I am lucky in the respect that the majority of my attacks impair my vision only and the headaches are few and far between. However, having said that, when the headaches kick-in, then they are severe.

Ten months ago, attacks were dramatically on the increase, from one a month to three a week and in one instance, three in one day.

Over the years I have been subjected to innumerable pills prescribed by various Medical Practitioners, who generally admit they do not know how to treat the condition.

A work colleague, had for some time, suggested Acupuncture, as she has knowledge of its benefits.  At the time I was receiving Chiropractic treatment for migraine, which although it relieved the tension in my neck muscles did not actually reduce the attacks.  I was at the point where I would try anything, to relieve not only the pain but also the ever increasing inconvenience to my employer and myself, so on her recommendation I contacted Sean Barkes.

Following four months of intensive treatment consisting of once a week to now periods of four/five weeks between treatments, my life has changed.

I may not be cured totally, that remains to be seen in the future, but I haven’t had one attack in 5 weeks.

Melanie Jackson

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I first attended the Sean Barkes Clinic seven weeks ago for alternative therapy following years of suffering from migraine attacks.  I was fed up of taking drugs from my GP when I suffered an attack and then spending up to 24 hours afterwards feeling really quite poorly and drained.

Austin recommended a treatment of Acupuncture and had the time to spend over an hour and half with me on my first appointment to discuss my lifestyle, history and diet, this is more time than my GP has ever spent with me and he looked at why I may be suffering the attacks as a preventative rather than just seeking a cure.  Austin suggested a programme of acupuncture with different points as the treatment progressed.  We also discussed my diet due to my attacks being caused by a number of different problems.

I really am so very impressed with the results to date, my migraines appear to have gone and during the treatment I was suffering a nasty cold but Austin used some additional needles which helped expel my cold and I felt so much better – almost instantly.

All the staff at the clinic are extremely approachable, they have time for you and I have never felt rushed, this is something you never get from an ordinary GP surgery.  The results have been fantastic and I only wish I had come across Acupuncture and the clinic when I was sitting my examinations!!!!

During my sessions I feel so relaxed and look forward to attending – a must for anyone and I strongly recommend that you give the clinic a go for whatever ailment you need treating…..