Menopause Testimonials

Menopause Testimonial


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After having surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer, my consultant prescribed two drugs which created an early menopause. The menopausal symptoms were severe, especially the hot flushes – as many as twelve or fifteen per day and several during the night. The result; depression, tiredness and being continually uncomfortable. My husband suggested I try acupuncture after seeing a lady on TV for whom acupuncture had worked in similar circumstances. The immediate results were quite amazing. The hot flushes became less severe, my general mood improved dramatically and the breast pain I had since surgery disappeared. I highly recommend acupuncture as a complementary treatment for patients recovering from breast cancer.

Elena Munns

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I first visited The Sean Barkes Clinic [Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine] for help with excessive temperature, hot flushes and night sweats.  I was so hot that I had to have a fan on high at night to keep my temperature at a level where I could sleep; even then I would wake up several times a night soaked in sweat.  Daytimes were no better as I was constantly red faced and sweating, then when I had a hot flush it got even worse.

I am 44 years old, somewhat overweight (although I am losing weight successfully) and started dipping in and out of the menopause about 6 years ago and am now in full blown menopause.

After my initial consultation, during which a detailed medical history was taken, a course of treatment was recommended and started.  Having been warned I would probably feel worse during the two days following my first session I was quite delighted that I started noticing an improvement in my temperature after only a day and a half.  The following weeks were quite an amazing journey, my overall temperature has dropped to a level where I can sleep at night without the fan switched on, and during the day I am no longer red faced and sweating.  I won’t pretend I don’t still have hot flushes because I do, but now they are really few and far between and are a minor inconvenience.

Over the weeks other things have changed as well; I have had vertigo for years which has spoilt many things for me, now I have been free of vertigo for five weeks and am relishing the freedom I’ve gained.  I’ve always been one to appear happy and confident sadly it was all front, however I now have a deep sense of peace and contentment, I’m happy – enough that work colleagues and friends have commented, I have boundless confidence and have regained an enthusiasm for life that I thought was gone forever.  I no longer wake up exhausted I have energy to do all those things in life that had become such a chore.  To top all this I feel really well for the first time in years.

If I can achieve all this in only a few short weeks then I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  One thing I do know I am very grateful to the team at the clinic for helping me in such a profound way.