Hayfever Testimonials


Monica Calvert

(Permissions: full name)

I have suffered from hay fever all my life and I have tried every treatment under the sun (most of which had very little beneficial effect) – sprays, tablets, steroids, injections etc. and many weird and wonderful “Quack cures” (which didn’t).  Many of the treatments have side effects, some quite unpleasant.

The hay fever has been so severe that I have had to use 2 different inhalers for asthma regularly during the summer.  I have felt really ill at times.

Sean has miraculously changed all this.  I now have acupuncture treatments plus Chinese herbal pills before and during the season.  I still get minor symptoms but I am able to drastically reduce the medications to the extent that I haven’t needed a steroid inhaler for years and I have only had to use the Ventolin about half a dozen times in total during the peak of the season.  I haven’t needed any steroids at all, not even the asthma steroid inhaler.  This is absolutely amazing, especially considering how high the pollen count has been over the last few years.

I don’t dread the summer any more.