Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Testimonials

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Testimonial


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I had been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and had an operation to correct this is one hand with further surgery planned for the second hand.

The operation proved only partially successful and the recovery took around 3 months.

Whilst recovering I met someone who had experienced the same problems but tried acupuncture and now didn’t need any surgery!  I felt it was worth trying and am so glad I did.

The acupuncture treatment I received, improved both hands substantially. Not only did the treatment Jan provided improve my hands but also greatly improved the migraine headaches I had experienced for the preceding two years – an unexpected bonus!

I would, and do, heartily recommend acupuncture to anyone who is considering alternatives to surgery.  I cancelled my second operation because I no longer need it and am able to get on with my life without the pain and inconvenience I experienced before.