Arthritis Testimonials

Arthritis Testimonials


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I have had lower back pain for the last four years which with the increase in pain and loss of mobility has affected my quality of life.  An M.R.I. scan showed arthritis and the consultant said that within the next 2-3 years my lower spine would fuse completely with the arthritis. So the pain would stop but my mobility would be greatly reduced.  In the meantime, my doctor recommended pain management in the form of anti- inflammatory and pain killers. As I am unable to take either of these without severe side effects, the doctor was unable to suggest any other form of pain management.

I have been successfully treated by Sean for a previous ailment some years ago and so I started a course of treatment with him for my back pain.  The treatment consisted of acupuncture and cupping, and although I cannot say it was completely pain free, the results have been worth it.

I now have almost full mobility and the pain has reduced so much that I am now able to partake in an active lifestyle once again.


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Three years ago I noticed that if I had been sitting for any length of time (which I did at my place of work) I would get a pain deep in my right hip.  That pain got steadily worse and so I visited my GP who prescribed some strong painkillers.  The painkillers made me feel light-headed but did nothing to help with the pain, which was now so bad that I could not sleep.

I was also having a lot of problems with movement.  There was no flexibility in my hip at all so I could not easily move from standing to sitting and if I did manage to sit I could not get back up again.  In addition it was extremely difficult to dress myself – try putting your knickers on without bending!  I went back to my GP who sent me to the hospital for some x-rays and to a physiotherapist for some ultrasound treatment.

The ultrasound treatment helped to reduce the pain slightly but I still did not have full movement.  In the meantime my x-rays were sent to my GP who told me that there were some abnormalities in the hip joint and he referred me to an Orthopaedic Specialist.

Another round of x-rays and the Specialist told me that I had osteoarthritis and that it was so bad that I would be having a hip replacement “within two years”.  He told me to go back to my GP to get some anti-inflammatory drugs and to make an appointment to see him at the hospital in a further six months.

Against my better judgement I did take two of the anti-inflammatory tablets that the GP gave me and in the two days that I was incapacitated by their side-effects I decided that there had to be a better way.

Since then I have been having acupuncture and the difference it has made to me has been incredible.  In addition to the acupuncture treatment I have adjusted my diet and I practice Chinese therapeutic exercise – Qigong and T’ai Chi.  I have much more flexibility and movement in my hip and only very minor discomfort occasionally.  When I do get discomfort I can usually link it to having eaten the “wrong” foods.  The acupuncture is not without “side-effects”.  My general health has improved no end and at a recent visit to the Optician I was told that my sight has “got better” for the first time in the twenty-two years that I have been wearing glasses.

I have revisited the Orthopaedic Specialist a number of times since he told me that I would need a hip replacement and at my most recent visit (just a few weeks ago) he said that I no longer need to see him.  What else can I say?


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I am 67 years old and suffer from arthritis mainly in my right hip.  My GP has arranged an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon with a view to a hip replacement.

After 4 treatments of acupuncture, the pain has decreased dramatically and the movement in my leg has improved.  I do not now think I will need a hip replacement and I will tell the surgeon how acupuncture treatment has improved my health.