Supporting You Through Pregnancy

Supporting You Through Pregnancy

Pregnancy obviously causes big changes, including hormonal changes, in a woman’s body.  It is not surprising that it is sometimes difficult to maintain balance and perfect health during this time, and treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine throughout pregnancy can help the mother-to-be to manage the changes to her body in a natural and smooth way.  These changes can otherwise result in a number of problems, some of which are often regarded as part of a normal pregnancy, but which can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of the mother-to-be and possibly, in some cases, develop into more serious medical problems.

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The Sean Barkes Clinic does not claim to cure any conventional medical disease states.  Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to re-establish and maintain the harmonious function of the human body-mind using tried and tested principles that have been discovered and matured over millennia.  A Western medical diagnosis provides very little by way of insight in informing a Chinese Medical diagnosis.  Patients usually recognise their own condition in terms of the medical disease category that they have been given by their GP or other conventional medical practitioner.  The research presented here is merely an indication of the potential to draw parallels between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Western Medicine.